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This is where you will find latest news and information on the project.

Wandsworth Screening

Tickets were sold out well in advance for the latest screening of Brewing Stories which took place at Wandsworth Town Library on Thursday November 14th. The film went down very well with the packed audience and we were lucky to have four of the people interviewed who worked at the local Youngs Brewery along to answer questions from the audience. There was a very good discussion and it’s a shame we had to end the event at 8pm! Adam Duncan, the new archivist at Wandsworth Local Studies, also gave a talk about his work with the new Youngs archive which has been donated to Local Studies and how the public can access those fascinating records of the brewery.


Adam DuncanArchivist, Adam Duncan, addresses the audience

ScreeningThe Q&A

Ram Brewery Screening

A screening took place at the Ram Brewery to 40 people made up of project volunteers, interviewees and invited guests. The event was organised by John Hatch in the converted bar in the old stables at the Ram Brewery, where he continues to brew on-site.

It was a fabulous evening with a very interetsing formal Q&A after the screening and lots of beer and chat into the evening. Digital:works are always pleased to hear that their work is appreciated and that volunteers and interviewees feel they are gaining from working with us.

The next public screening is:
Thursday 14th November 2019, 6:30pm
Wandsworth Archives,
Battersea Library, 265 Lavender Hill, London SW11 1JB

The event will be hosted by the film-makers and brewery workers will be in attendance to lead a discussion on the themes that arise from the film.


Pulling a pintOur host John Hatch pulling a pint of Brewing Stories

ScreeningThe Q&A

Public Screening

Our first ever public screening of the film took place on the hottest day of the year at Chiswick Library and a big thank you to the 20 or so people that braved the weather!

Thank you to Christine Hooper, interviewee and long-term Fuller's worker, who answered the audiences' questions after the screening.

The next public screening is
Thursday 12th September 2019, 2:30pm
Richmond Library Annexe,
Quadrant Road, Richmond TW9 1DH
A public screening of Brewing Stories. The event will be hosted by the film-makers and brewery workers will be in attendance to lead a discussion on the themes that arise from the film.

Screening Screening

Talks & Screenings

Saturday 20th July 2019, 9pm
Together TV

The first national broadcast of the film on Together TV [Freeview 89 | Sky 194 | Virgin Media 269 | Freesat 164]
Further dates:
Sunday 21st July 2019, 22:15
Monday 22nd July 2019, 1:15
Saturday 27th July 2019, 22:15
Sunday 28th July 2019, 21:00
Saturday 3rd August 2019, 22:15
Sunday 25th August 2019, 22:15

Thursday 12th September 2019, 2:30pm
Richmond Library Annexe,
Quadrant Road, Richmond TW9 1DH
A public screening of Brewing Stories. The event will be hosted by the film-makers and brewery workers will be in attendance to lead a discussion on the themes that arise from the film.


Down to the coast

A big thank you to the Mole's for looking after us so well in Goring by Sea and sharing their stories. Father and son were both in the brewing trade, Roy started at the Mortlake Brewery in 1940 as a 15 year-old and son, Simon, worked at Mortlake from 1978 until moving to Fuller's in 1995.

Roy's wife, Elizabeth, kept the team fed and watered throughout and we are now privy to the recipe for her boiled fruit cake (and yes, we may have tried some too!)

Group photo The team with the Moles: Bob, Simon, Roy and Ioana.

And over to the Ram Brewery again

A glorious day and more interviews with former Young's employees. Throughout the project we have found that many brewery workers would spend their whole careers with just one brewery and this seems to be particularly true of Fuller's and Young's employees. Today we interviewed some people who came to Young's after spending much of their career elsewhere and it's clear that their time at Young's was very special. Derek Prentice began his career at Trumans in Brick Lane in the 1960s when beer production was still very much done in the old ways. It's a fascianting and evocative story and well worth having a listen to the whole interview on the interviews page when it goes up.

We also had the opportunity to run a reminiscence session with the workers in the sunny stable yard. The team were asking questions of the former workers and getting into some deep conversations. And there was beer on tap to oil the vocal chords, of course!

Reminiscence Reminiscing in the sunny stable yard

Another day of interviews at Griffin Brewery

With more interviews taking place at the Griffin Brewery, some of our interviewees brought some photos along for us to see and make copies to use in the film. Here is a small selection of those brought along by Brendan Bray who started out at Fuller's as a Brewing Room Boy and stayed for 48 years!

Brendan Bray Brendan as a young man

Outing Fuller's staff on an outing

Prince Charles Prince Charles on a visit in 1995

BrewerPart of the brewing process

More interviews at Griffin Brewery

More interviews have taken place at the Griffin Brewery.

The barneys David and Maureen Barney with the team

Interview with David Barney Interview with David Barney

Sound recordingMiranda recording sound during Ashley Cherrett's interview


A packed day in the Tun Room at the Griffin Brewery began with a look at 'What is Oral History?' We looked at the benefits and challenges of oral history collection and uses, at how our own preconceptions can cloud our own responses. We then moved on to look at ethical considerations in the collection and use of people's reminiscences.

This was followed by learning interviewing skills and techniques to elicit the best interviews possible and then got hands-on with the recording equipment.

We discussed the themes we wanted to cover in the interviews as a group then split up into smaller groups to develop them. We came back as a group to develop them even further.

We concluded the day with further practice of interviewing and using the recorders together.

Oral History Session The team discussing Oral History

Developing QuestionsThe team developing the questions.

Fuller's Chimney


Martyn Cornell, beer historian, gave the team a specially designed workshop looking at the history of the three breweries we are studying entitled: Ales from the Riverbank - which elicited a chuckle from those old enough to understand the reference!

The workshop was very informative and Martyn took questions from the group which added to everyone's knowledge.

The group was also treated to the very entertaining reminiscences of Chris Hooper who began working at Fuller's in 1975 and is still there today. She told us of how family-orientated the staff were with often three generations of a family working there at any one time! She believes this was mainly due to all the staff being local people from Chiswick and only when rents and property prices started to price working people out of the area did things begin to change.

The group were again able to ask Chris their own questions and the whole day was an excellent learning experience.

Martyn Cornell Martyn Cornell, Beer Historian

Chris HooperChris Hooper, Fuller's Worker since 1975

Stag Brewery from river

Would you like to volunteer on this project?

Brewing Stories: An Oral History of the breweries of West London

We are looking for 16 volunteers to get involved in this exciting new project which will record and preserve the working lives of London’s brewery workers. With funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Unite, this project will explore this important part of London’s history. You will receive training and support to conduct oral history interviews with old and retired workers from three major London breweries, The Ram in Wandsworth, The Stag in Mortlake, and The Griffin in Chiswick. These were major employers along the Thames and all but the Griffin are now closed. You will form part of a team supported by digital:works to go on to meet and record interviews with various older and retired workers from the three breweries. These will include a full range of workers, many who worked at the breweries for decades, and many with long family histories working in the industry. They will include master brewers, draymen, coopers, smellers, people in bottling plants and more.

We will be working with local archives in Richmond, Wandsworth and Chiswick as well as accessing the archives of Watney's, Young's and Fuller's.

Training and activities for volunteers:

  • Tour of Fuller's Brewery and beer tasting.
  • Talk and workshop from historian Martyn Cornell.
  • In depth training from digital:works in oral history interview techniques and using audio equipment.
  • Research workshops at local archives.
  • Learn to write interview summaries.
  • Support conducting oral history interviews.

These recordings will be given to local archives and Digital-works will be filming the interviews to make an oral history based documentary that will be shared widely, online, on TV, and at community history groups across the UK.

Your commitment:

  • You will need to be able to take part in all three training days.
  • Training days are Monday 25th February from 10am to 4pm and Monday 11th March at The Griffin Brewery in Chiswick.
  • There will be an additional training session in the week beginning March 4th as there will be three archive research visits (at Wandsworth, Chiswick and Richmond) and you can choose one of these. Dates and times to be confirmed.
  • You will conduct at least one day as part of an interview team. These will mainly take place in Chiswick but also in Wandsworth and Mortlake over 4-5 weekdays over three weeks beginning March 15th. Dates and times to be confirmed.
  • There will be a big launch event for the film and interviews in June 2019.

Some volunteer expenses will be covered.

Find out more about the project and history here.

Places are limited so please contact us asap to find out more and book your place.
Matthew Rosenberg: or 07949 107 023

Find out more about digital:works:

digital:works have been running oral history projects across London that connect Londoners new and old with the history of the city. We provide high quality and fun training to all volunteers. To find out more about us please visit our website at: